Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Here we will list some community outreach related to InfinitySwap AMAs, Campaigns, and general PR.


Influencer/Community: Dfinity Community's CEO, Dukakis Tejada- Community Discussion

Influencer: Bob Bodily, Toniq Labs & Max Chamberlin, CEO, InfinitySwap

Community- Chain Afrik

Partner- Boxy Dude

Partner- Catalyze

Partner- Yumi Marketplace

Partner: Crowdfund NFT


Bitboy Crypto- Ben Armstrong, perhaps THE most influential personality in crypto with over a million Twitter followers is a subscriber of our newsletter. He has begun retweeting our blog posts while showing support for ICP.

KSA Bitcoin- a large community with over 100,000 followers have signed a strategic partnership with us to help market the Internet Computer and InfinitySwap to the Arab world.

CryptoKang has a massive TikTok following of over 800,000 members. He also creates invigorating Binance Live streams with great participation. Our CEO, Max, joined for a recent discussion about the FTX fallout.


ChainAfrik X Infinity Swap X ICP Africa Twitter Space Giveaway
InfinitySwap X CryptoKang Giveaway