Editorial Guidelines for Our Writers

Editorial Guidelines for Our Writers

This article sets out a series of guidelines for best writing practices. Please read carefully before beginning your first article.

All contributors to our site must receive an invitation to the following:

  • Infinity Swap Ghost- drafts can be uploaded here, ready for editorial approval, structuring, and creatives to be added.

If you are invited to become part of our team, you will need to be invited to join:

  • Our company Slack channels where we plan and discuss content, ideas, and strategy.
  • Our Jira board where everything is project managed and tasks are delegated.

Who are we, and what is our mission?

InfinitySwap is a DeFi protocol on the Internet Computer. From Defi to GameFi to NFTs, the Internet Computer is in desperate need of a platform for simplified swapping, staking, and creation of tokens. The InfinitySwap platform is positioning itself to be the leader in this space.

Writer benefits

We can pay you for every 500 words published based on a negotiated fee. You can also expand your online influence and presence as part of the team.

We offer editorial and structural improvements so that your article, once published, looks professional and is free of any grammatical or stylistic errors.

Your work will also be exposed to multiple social media platforms and published on our website, and of course, it will be credited to you.

General guidelines for writing for us:

  • Choose your own topic which suits your background and confirm your choice with management. Make sure it is pertinent and related to the Internet Computer or InfinitySwap.
  • Occasionally our Managing Editor will delegate topics. You are not obligated to accept if you do not like it- we can delegate it to another writer.
  • Try to teach people about something you’ve learned about and are passionate about regarding these topics.
  • Examples might be AMMs, liquidity pools, token standards for DeFi, and project growth and development in the wider DFINITY ecosystem.
  • Ensure that what you are writing about hasn’t been covered before. Refer to both the drafts in the ghost drafts as well as our published articles on the website.
  • Do your research and ask what kinds of narratives are circulating on social media regarding the Internet Computer.
  • Check social media shares on our Twitter for previously published articles. What did well? What didn't?

Ask yourself: How might the wider community feel about these issues- is your article likely to get much readership?

What are contentious or challenging issues related to the Internet Computer worth your time and deeper analysis?

What is your own point of view regarding what you are writing about? Can you provide evidence to support it?

*Please remember that the foundation is DFINITY (in all caps), the token is ICP, and the platform is the Internet Computer or IC. Please use these terms when writing for us.

What makes a readable article?


  • Craft a shrewd headline that pulls in the reader. Self-interest (how development might affect the price is a good example here), news, or curiosity are good ways to pique people’s curiosity.
  • Remember to use Title Case- capitalize all significant words.
  • Avoid writing a title that you would think, ‘so what about if you were the reader. If you were scrolling through Twitter, would you want to read it?
  • Avoid creating clickbait-style articles.

Introductory paragraph:

Good introductory paragraphs set out what the article is going to examine. It often posts a question that will be answered in due course, thus keeping the reader interested and reading.

  • It must be clear what the reader will learn.
  • Keep sentences concise and use visual language with plenty of adjectives and adverbs.


An excellent example of the layout we are looking for can be seen here. It's a newsletter, so it won't fit the same format as all articles, but you get the picture.

Note, in particular, the great visuals, hyperlinks, punchy paragraphs, and call to action.

Try to provide evidence to support your thesis. Infographics are a great way to do this, and they help articles to go viral. Here is a great example of an article that went viral with great infographics.

Please create backlinks in your article!

We want to increase engagement with all of our articles, so whether you do this in different stages of the article, or you simply write 'related articles' and link a few articles that are similar or at least the same tag, like 'learn' or 'interviews' etc. is up to you. This will also help drive up SEO ranking on our site and ensure that all our articles gain more exposure.

A call to action

Ask readers to engage with your work, and share it. Drive traffic to areas of interest, such as InfinitySwap-related material and DFINITY and partner initiatives.

SEO Friendly

Content created with SEO in mind is essential because it allows for far greater outreach.

In brief, content creation with SEO in mind can be based on three steps:

1. Perform Keyword Research & Determine Your Topic

2. Develop Your Outline & Format for Optimal Readability

3. Stick to Your Topic & Target Keyword

4. Include Backlinks Throughout Your Content

Actionable marketer Heidi Cohen describes content as:

“High quality, useful information that conveys a story presented in a contextually relevant manner with the goal of soliciting an emotion or engagement. Delivered live or asynchronously, content can be expressed using a variety of formats including text, images, video, audio, and/or presentations.”

Social Triggers founder Derek Halpern says:

“Content comes in any form (audio, text, video), and it informs, entertains, enlightens, or teaches the people who consume it.”

Google helps us to understand its own algorithmic definition of useful content that is optimized:


Share sources - why should people listen to you? What do you know about this issue? What qualifies you to educate others about it? What evidence have you discovered to corroborate what you have written?

Try to tag other closely related articles written by others within the team and the wider community. This will help us to grow through SEO rankings.

We look forward to having you as part of the team or even as a one-time contributor. Thanks for taking the time to read through this.

For further information or to apply to write for us, please contact: daniel@infinityswap.one