How Our Collab with DKLord and Egido Val Will Bring a Utility Token to the IC

How Our Collab with DKLord and Egido Val Will Bring a Utility Token to the IC

It’s been open season for meme coins on the Internet Computer ever since $GHOST saw sudden success. Since then, investors have been clamoring over $DONGE, $WHALE, $DOGMI, and any other existing or upcoming meme coin. But we’ve heard the community yearning for something more – a token with genuine utility. That is exactly what InfintySwap is going to deliver.

What Will Be The Utility of This Token?

Our upcoming token drop will allow you to burn tokens for incredible NFTs. This will be the first project of its kind on the Internet Computer. Yes, the token will be tradeable on the InfintySwap AMM. However, you will also be able to burn 1/2000th of the collection to receive 1 of 2000 stunning NFTs in the Infinity Gems collection.

That’s the beauty of the burn-to-mint concept. The tokens will have instant utility because we all want to get more artwork from DKLord and Egido Val. However, they will also have a burn function that will literally take the supply to zero someday. In fact, the only way for all 2000 NFTs in the collection to ever exist will be if every last token is burned.

Don't you just love all of the details in this collection?! 

Will You Buy, Sell, Hold, or Burn?

The airdrop of tokens will happen not long after our AMM goes live in September. Will you get some tokens? It all depends if you are on the droplist we’ve been creating for Infinity Wallet users. Also, holders of OG Medals and IC Bucks will receive a percentage of the token. So there are going to be a lot of tokens floating around.

Only those participating in our Zoom focus groups are guaranteed an exact 1/2000th of the supply airdrop. Thus, for the vast majority, the fun will begin when trading goes live, and you’ll want to have your game plan in place. Will you:

· Buy – Will you stockpile as many tokens as you can and decide later whether you want to burn them for NFTs or sell them as the supply reduces and demand increases?

· Sell – Will you sell your airdropped tokens for a quick payday? There’s nothing wrong with taking profits. Just remember, you don’t want to FOMO and have to buy back in if you decide later that you want the NFTs.

· Hold – Maybe you are the cautious type and will want to hang onto your tokens to see what everyone else is doing first.

· Burn – We know some of you are just going to be trying to accumulate the exact number of tokens you need to burn for the number of NFTs you want to add to your collection.

Painstaking efforts ensure that this collection will be a truly beautiful and artistic tribute to crypto on the IC.

We think you’ll agree it’s an interesting paradigm for collectors, traders, investors, and even flippers. And we can‘t wait to see how the community responds when the drop actually happens. We’re drawing closer every day. And we hope the sneak peeks in the article here have you ready to collect Infinity Gems.

Of course, you’re probably wondering: “What’s the token going to be called?” Well, we can’t tell you all our secrets at once, can we? Stay tuned!

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