Infinity Swap Forms a Strategic Partnership with Plethora

Infinity Swap Forms a Strategic Partnership with Plethora

InfinitySwap and Plethora have announced their intention to collaborate on a variety of different levels in order to bring about a mutually beneficial outcome.

Plethora is a Web3 Launchpad Gaming World built on the Internet Computer. This is beneficial in numerous ways for projects launching with them.

Here are some significant advantages that Plethora and InfinitySwap bring to each other:

Gaming Experience Options

Plethora brings all the benefits that come with a gaming experience to a token/NFT launch. Plethora will ensure a fun, engaging, creative, collaborative, memorable, and exhilarating experience. This promises to be a good use case for the IS20 token standard that InfinitySwap has created.


Plethora's gaming world is 3D, meaning they can create an immersive, memorable experience around these launches. InfinitySwap will be developing its own NFT lines and partnering with some of the most significant NFT projects and marketplaces in the Internet Computer ecosystem, so it makes sense to have a ready-made metaverse for those assets to be potentially integrated into.


Marketing for projects launching is much more powerful, creative, and hyped given the pre-existing network that has been built around Plethora and its ongoing expansion of partnerships and outreach, including the latest (and we would say the biggest) here with InfinitySwap. Both teams will focus their extensive marketing resources to support PR campaigns even more effectively, thereby elevating the Internet Computer to the next level.


Plethora focuses on customization; they can customize games and will be able to do this increasingly more in the future. Plethora can imagine an InfinitySwap customized game where tokens launching on our platform can airdrop some allocation before a sale or listing. This is something the InfinitySwap team is also keen to explore. Plethora also offers a valuable approach to fighting bots, spam, and fake engagement.

Stronger together

Projects launching/listing on InfinitySwap will be able to take advantage of these benefits with Plethora by being a long-term core partner of InfinitySwap. For example, if project XYZ  lists or launches on InfinitySwap; both teams can offer incredible tech and outstanding support, including solid marketing options so that project XYZ can leverage Plethora and airdrop tokens there.

We are also delighted to announce that wallet integration via the Infinity Wallet is also coming in Q3 to Plethora, and we will also be working towards the Plethora team adopting the IS20 standard in due course.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this monumental alliance in the space!

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