InfinitySwap Forms a Strategic Partnership with CCC

InfinitySwap Forms a Strategic Partnership with CCC

InfinitySwap and C3Protocol have announced their intention to collaborate on a variety of different levels in order to bring about a mutually beneficial outcome.

CCC or C3Protocol is a place to create, discover, collect and sell collectibles in Web3, acting as a connector between creators and clients. The platform has experienced exponential growth in the past few months, launching collections such as their own highly successful 'Zombies NFT' along with the highly coveted Kabi's Kverso, a high-quality depiction of different ethnicities, styles, and fashions, amongst others.  

The talented team has created a marketplace and creative tools where you can even collaborate with others to produce a work of digital art. What is amimpressives that everything is stored on-chain, and as the team explains in their recent Medium article, they believe on-chain NFTs are the future of digital art.

Most recently, the team shared their vision for the 'Creative Economy 3.0 Era' as an era of sharing economy, allowing creators and their fans to co-create, grow together and benefit from Web 3.0. CCC is providing the environment for creation in this era by empowering a new creative economy. You can find out more about this intriguing opportunity here.

We are also delighted to announce that wallet integration via the Infinity Wallet is also finalized and live on the CCC platform. We will be working towards IS20 token standard deployment in due course, and are delighted to be working with one of the premier marketplaces and projects on the Internet Computer.

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