InfinitySwap Launches Enhanced CDK for Rust Canisters as Part of Supernova Hackathon

InfinitySwap Launches Enhanced CDK for Rust Canisters as Part of Supernova Hackathon

InfinitySwap is proud to have submitted our enhanced CDK for Rust canisters to the Supernova Hackathon. Here are a few key things you should know about this essential tool for developers on the Internet Computer.

What Does InfinitySwap’s CDK Provide?

Here are the three main benefits developers on the Internet Computer will receive from using this enhanced CDK for Rust canisters that InfinitySwap has developed.

#1 Provides a Means of Composing Canister APIs Using Rust Traits

First, we address the inheritance issue for Internet Computer canisters. If you want one class to inherit functions or data from another class, Rust can kind of make things difficult for you. It is simply not one of the things that Rust is designed to do very well. Our CDK makes it much more straightforward.

Take, for example, an existing IS20 canister. You want an AMM to inherit from the IS20 canister. That’s entirely possible. You don’t have to write all the code out again. You can use the IS20 canister as a trait with your Rust project and use a macro to export all of the method calls. This is a huge shortcut for anyone developing on Rust.

Remember that this will support more than just our IS20 token standard. If you had a metrics canister that provides information about cycle usage of your canisters on the IC, that could also be inherited. We have created a way for developers to share and reuse code to speed up development on the Internet Computer – something that was never really put into place on the Internet Computer from the start.

#2 Provides a Framework to Test Inter-Canister Communications

One issue developers on the Internet Computer run into is that it is pretty challenging to test your canisters locally. What if you want to test an isolated piece of code that you have written? Previously, you would have to build the entire WASM – the entire canister – taking lots of time and resources without knowing 100% for certain if the code would function as intended.

InfinitySwap’s CDK fixes this issue for developers on the IC. How does it work? You can make inter-canister calls to other canisters defined by the InfinitySwap CDK. As a result, you no longer have to build out the entire Wasm to test a few lines of code. You can test single bits of functionality instantly, which we’re sure you will agree is superior to doing significant amounts of work before you can begin testing any of the code.

#3 Enhances IC-CDK and IC-Kit Crates to Simplify Development

The third major function of this framework is to import a number of the dependencies used on the Internet Computer. In the past, you would require a dependency on CDKRS and to the Internet Computer and other DFINITY kits. However, the InfintySwap CDK manages all of this for developers. So much of what you will need from DFINITY in order to get your canister going can now simply be imported, rather than having to create all of the dependencies manually.

The intention is not to replace any of the incredible work that DFINITY has done. Rather, we are striving to build on it in order to make it easier for developers to use.  

InfinitySwap Is Here for the Internet Computer Community

We hope this CDK shows the Internet Computer community that we are not just here to help our own InfinitySwap DeFi project succeed but that we want to help empower developers throughout the ecosystem. One way we are doing this is through our CDK, which enhances the ability of developers to reuse code on the IC rather than having to reinvent the wheel with each new project. We hope the features we have created in this CDK will be a gamechanger, making it easier than ever for creatives to get involved in the Internet Computer ecosystem to develop the next generation of dApps.

Do you love what we are doing for the community? Will our CDK help your team reach your goals faster? Please head over to devpost and like our Supernova Hackathon project. And don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for up-to-date information on InfinitySwap and the entire IC ecosystem delivered right to your inbox.

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