One for All and All for One: A Crypto Wallet for Any Chain

One for All and All for One: A Crypto Wallet for Any Chain

A disturbing attitude in crypto is that if you support one blockchain, you have to publicly put down all of the other ones. At InfinitySwap, we have exactly the opposite belief. Other blockchains are not the enemy. Our goal is to provide customers with financial freedom from centralized financial systems that favor the rich and make their fortunes off exorbitant fees to the common consumer. That’s why we’re developing a crypto wallet that will bring every chain together!

Solving the Wallet for Every Blockchain Dilemma

Right now, it’s difficult to support multiple blockchains even if you want to. Bitcoin, Ethereum, the Internet Computer, and all the other chains have their own wallets and token standards. Someone who truly appreciates crypto and wants to get into multiple blockchains ends up with notepads filled with lengthy seed phrases that are easy to confuse. Remember: seed phrases are not wallet specific, so if you type your Stoic recovery phrase to try and get into your Plug wallet, you’ll just end up creating a new Plug wallet from that phrase and will likely panic when you find it empty. You didn’t lose your old wallet; you just typed a working seed phrase for one wallet type into another wallet.

InfinitySwap is going to eliminate that issue. How? We’re going to give you the freedom to support all of your favorite blockchains from one convenient wallet that supports tokens from multiple chains!

At this point, you’re probably wondering, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? The fact is that, even if someone did think of it, the concept simply seemed impossible before the Internet Computer came into existence.

Creating a Wallet Singularity on the Blockchain Singularity

The Internet Computer uses chain key technology to enable something that simply can’t happen on other blockchains. The Internet Computer is capable of integrating seamlessly with other blockchains. Rather than using a high-risk and possibly expensive bridge to send tokens between chains, the DFINITY Foundation is working to create an integrated space where your tokens remain safely on their chain but are useable on the Internet Computer. The unique scalability of the Internet Computer makes this possible, and Bitcoin integration is nearly complete.

So we’re striving to translate the lofty goal of "one blockchain singularity that runs them all" into the DeFi world. The InfintySwap wallet is going to offer you the opportunity to buy, sell, and stake tokens from our very own IS20 standard as well as ledger tokens on the Internet Computer. But Bitcoin tokens will also be swappable and stakeable without the necessity of a bridge. Then we intend to add ERC20 tokens. We are envisioning a future where the Internet Computer and InfintySwap, in particular, will be the home of decentralized finance and financial freedom for users of every blockchain.

We’re All in this Together

The next time someone makes a derogatory comment about your favorite blockchain, and you feel the urge to respond in kind rising, just remember – we’re all in this together. Someday, you’ll both be swapping your favorite tokens on the Internet Computer and using InfinitySwap wallet to break the shackles of the rigged modern financial system.

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