Our Partners

Our Partners


The first order book trading platform of fractional non-fungible token(F-NFT) and a marketplace for crypto collectibles


C3Protocol is a place to create, discover, collect and sell collectibles in Web3, acting as a connector between creators and clients.


Dmail Network is a Web 3.0-based collaborative platform which integrates the functions of message communication, asset management, data storage, workspace and etc.

Gigaverse Labs

Gigaverse is building a gasless cross-chain NFT marketplace with on-chain storage and tools for easily creating a new collection or importing it from other blockchains.


Plethora is a Web3 Launchpad Gaming World built on the Internet Computer.


Relation Labs is building a multi-chain decentralized Web3 social graph. We empower Web3 data producers with 100% ownership, allowing everyone to create and harvest data value in the Web3 ecosystem in an open and simple way.

Toniq Labs

The largest NFT marketplace on the IC, Entrepot, boasts over 140 collections, 200,000 transactions, and 30 million USD in volume on the secondary market alone.


Yumi is a high-speed, low-cost, and fully decentralized NFT marketplace built on Internet Computer (IC). All digital collectibles available on Yumi are hosted fully on-chain.