Our Partners

Our Partners

Criteria: All partners are utilizing our infrastructure such as our BitfinityWallet or AMM, and/or synergizing marketing strategies to help create network effects in the ICP ecosystem and cross-chain.


DFINITY is a non-profit organization supporting the Internet Computer. We have worked with them on several initiatives and have received grants as recognition of the work we have done in several aspects to promote the growth of the entire IC ecosystem.  


The first order book trading platform of fractional non-fungible tokens (F-NFT) and a marketplace for crypto collectibles.


C3Protocol is a place to create, discover, collect and sell collectibles in Web3, acting as a connector between creators and clients.


Dmail Network is a Web 3.0-based collaborative platform that integrates the functions of message communication, asset management, data storage, workspace, etc.

Gigaverse Labs

Gigaverse Labs is building a gasless cross-chain NFT marketplace with on-chain storage and tools for easily creating a new collection or importing it from other blockchains.


Plethora is a Web3 Launchpad Gaming World built on the Internet Computer.


Relation Labs is building a multi-chain decentralized Web3 social graph. They empower Web3 data producers with 100% ownership, allowing everyone to create and harvest data value in the Web3 ecosystem in an open and simple way.

Toniq Labs

The largest NFT marketplace on the IC, Entrepot, boasts over 140 collections, 200,000 transactions, and 30 million USD in volume on the secondary market alone.


Yumi is a high-speed, low-cost, and fully decentralized NFT marketplace built on the Internet Computer (IC). All digital collectibles available on Yumi are hosted fully on-chain.


DSCVR is a decentralized social media similar to Reddit in user experience, yet with benefits such as owning your own data, wallet integration, airdrops, tokenization and more!


Becoming a musician has never been this smooth and simple with Itoka's cutting-edge AI and Web3 technology.


The full scope of the game is to create a complete and new 4X Cosmicrafts Metaverse. This is the first of its kind, taking the best and most successful elements of other games for players to interact with and actively participate in its economy, politics, and warfare.

VRSTL Studios

VRSTL believes the IC is currently the only blockchain capable of delivering complete, full-stack metaverse experiences. They believe the IC will unlock new use cases for NFTs which will range from visual proofs of authenticity to cross-chain NFT interoperability.


MODCLUB is a decentralized content moderation platform, it simplifies the moderation process by connecting our community to dApps that need UGC moderation.

Dfinity Community

DC is the largest and the oldest Internet Computer-related community.


JOIN THE REVOLUTION. A new chapter of the Internet is opening. Start by minting your avatar, then take part in the adventure and get rewarded as you explore a new wave of decentralized applications.

DKLORD and Egido Val

Both artists are extremely well known and loved in the Internet Computer space, building an unparalleled reputation as 'drop kings.' We will be working together on the release of 2000 Infinity Gems to celebrate the launch of our AMM.


- the first decentralized product analytics which helps product managers make data-driven decisions and get insights on how their service is progressing. With a few lines of code, you will see a dashboard of important product metrics like active users, new users, core events trends, behavioral retention, conversion funnels, and much more to come.


- An open-source tool for managing the canisters. Easy to integrate and get your canister data under your control. The tool provides the real-time status of canister cycles and memory, trends, and predictions. You will get black hole canister support and sorting and filtering of log messages.


- A remote configuration tool, which provides product managers the flexibility to have instant control over dapp appearance and switch product features on and off without running updates. Think about fast experiments with your product to improve user experience.

Crowdfund NFT

Crowdfunding on the Blockchain using NFTs. Using smart contract technology to build a safer and global crowdfunding service on the blockchain.


Catalyze is a web3 alternative to Discord and Calendly, solving both your scheduling and organizational needs while allowing seamless decentralized communication.

Canister App

Canister is a global, decentralized platform built on the #InternetComputer. They provide creators with the tools to mint, sell and showcase NFT creations, and they offer collectors a marketplace to trade those assets. Everything happens directly on the Internet Computer. No custody is required, they make it easy and seamless.


Decentralized Digital Identities

Use as your:

  • Universal username across apps/dapps and webs/dwebs
  • One name for all of your crypto addresses
  • Website URL

Dark Studio

An Advanced gaming studio built on the Internet Computer with an ambitious 5-year roadmap.


Boxydude is a high-quality NFT collection that is building into the Metaverse.

Meme Cake

Meme Cake was developed by a group of developers who love to code and laugh. They aim to build a  decentralized global social NFT marketplace predominantly for Generation Y and Z.

Bitcoin_K_S_A Community

The KSA community is well over 100,000 strong and is a keen advocate of the Internet Computer. We have entered into a strategic marketing partnership in order to bring the wonders of Bitcoin Integration and InfinitySwap's next-generation DeFi platform to the Arab world.

Sustainations DAO

A global private community of change-makers who co-invest and grow sustainable projects together.

ICE Studio

ICE Studio is a young team with confidence in the development of Blockchain. Their community is built upon active cooperation and solid development on top social media sites. Meta8, an ecosystem created by ICE Studio, is composed of experienced developers and marketers who aim to form a well-established ecosystem where enthusiasts can reap profits on Blockchain.

Mises Web3 Mobile Browser

A cross-chain partnership for marketing and wallet infrastructure.

Mises Browser: Mises Browser is the world's first fast, secure and extension-supported mobile Web3 browser.

This will allow you to seamlessly use your Bitfinity Wallet on mobile.

Crypto Cthulhu

Building the first #HorrorMetaverse#Cthulhu game for the $ICP while utilizing the Bitfinity Wallet and InfinitySwap infrastructure.


Media EYE

Web 3.0 NFT tech platform supporting a wide range of creator and user services.


VaultBet is a decentralized betting exchange. An alternative to bookmakers and centralized betting exchanges that allows users to buy, sell and trade bets on sporting events fully on chain.

Code & State

Venture Studio enabling Internet Computer developers to build and monetize faster.